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NJC Guide to Health, Safety and Welfare

The National Joint Council for the Engineering Construction Industry is concerned to ensure the provision of the safest possible working arrangements and environment for all employees engaged on NAECI sites and projects.

To that end the NJC Safety, Health and Environmental Committee has been instrumental in developing and agreeing policies and guidance to meet the NJC objectives. To ensure greater clarity and to re-emphasize the importance of the guidance, the NJC has decided to publish this information as a free standing booklet.

NJC Guide to Health, Safety and Welfare

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    Engineering Construction Industry Accident Statistics

    The NJC has finished collating accident statistics for NAECI registered work during 2018. Audited manpower data is available on 38% of all registered work and the data produced relates to this sample No assumptions of safety performance is made for the 62% of NAECI registered manpower for which there is no data. From the 38% sample, we are delighted to report that the manifest distinction between UK construction as a whole and NAECI engineering construction work remains as sharp and extensive as it ever was. The latest data on HSE’s website suggest that for UK construction as a whole, there are just over 602 reportable injuries per 100,000 construction workers. In the NAECI registered work sample there were 85 per 100,000 – that is to say a factor of 7 times lower.

    The UK engineering construction environment is undoubtedly challenging at the current time and has been for a while. These results though, do not suggest that this has had any impact on the commitment to high standards which we know is shared amongst all the stakeholders, clients, contractors, trade unions and employees. The NJC extends its appreciation to all those who contributed to achieving these standards.

    With the low number of incidents involved it is difficult to identify any obvious trends. However, the three incidents included one stepping on or striking against something, one incident with a power tool and one whilst handling materials. These do not suggest high profile ‘dramatic’ incidents. Instead they suggest simply understood lower key causations, which nonetheless still have the potential to cause serious injury. As in previous years we suggest that a key ingredient for further improvement is attention to detail in response to more ‘mundane’ risk factors.

    *incidence rate = incidents X 100,000 / manhours

    *frequency rate = incidents X 1000/average number of men”

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      The NJC Award for Safety in Engineering Construction

      The NJC Award for Safety In Engineering Construction was introduced in 1994 to recognise outstanding safety management and performance on in-scope NAECI Category 1 Projects and Category 2 Sites. When merited the Award is issued to projects or sites as a whole, to reflect the combined efforts of the client, the contractors and the workforce.

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