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NJC Updated Reports June 2022

Current Major Projects Timeline July 2022, Major Projects and R&M Sites Monthly Reports June 2022, NAECI Registered Manpower June 2022, Potential Projects 29.6.22 and Projects Maps July 2022 are now available to view/download.

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NAECI Procedure: Application to Stage 4

The use of the NAECI Procedures has increased significantly since the pandemic. They are invaluable and supported by employers and trades unions alike.  However, they must be followed to the letter to avoid challenges and to ensure that progress can be made efficiently through to Stage 4 when local resolution cannot be achieved….

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NAECI Review 2021

The NJC has issued Communique 06(20) which gives an update on the NAECI 2021 Review…

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Furlough – Calculation of Holiday Pay

Although not in NAECI and whilst most contractors appear to have met the requirements for the calculation of holiday where periods of furlough are/were involved, guidance is still be requested from time to time. In general, time spent on furlough should be excluded from holiday pay calculations. In order to clarify this further, references from HMG, ACAS and CIPD are reproduced here to assist…

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