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The National Joint Council for the Engineering Construction Industry (NJC) is a partnership between trade unions and employers. It reviews and administers the National Agreement for the Engineering Construction Industry – sometimes referred to as the ‘Blue Book’, or the NAECI. The NJC’s objectivity, authority and independence foster cohesive working relationships. The same qualities equip it to play a constructive role as the industry meets the challenges of the future.

The partnership promotes improvements in working practice and culture. The creation of new, inclusive alliances is vital to the attainment of greater efficiency. By extending the scope and effectiveness of partnership within the industry, the NJC seeks to secure long-term prosperity for clients, contractors and workforce alike.

A thriving UK engineering construction industry largely depends on client competitiveness. The NJC is firmly focused on assisting contractors and trade unions in their drive towards providing clients with a unified, cohesive and cost-effective service. Able to prevent, or rapidly resolve, workplace problems on behalf of clients, the NJC can also assist the process of change undertaken by clients to achieve continuous improvement in quality, reliability, safety and efficiency.

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NJC Updated Reports July 2020

Current Major Projects Timeline August 2020, Major Projects and R&M Sites Monthly Reports July 2020, NAECI Registered Manpower July 2020, Potential Projects 3.8.20 and Projects Maps August 2020 are now available to view/download.

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Extension of the Temporary Stage 4 Procedural Arrangements

The temporary Stage 4 Procedural arrangements introduced on 22nd May 2020 were intended to cease on 31st August 2020.  The implementation progress of the new arrangements to date has been reviewed by the NJC parties.  It has now been agreed to extend…

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NAECI Review 2021 – Employers’ Correspondence 30.6.20

Correspondence from the Employers to the NECC Secretary regarding the NAECI Review 2021 was issued yesterday and is available to be downloaded below. In light of the COVID-19 restrictions the parties agreed in March to suspend the 2021 Review meeting scheduled for 8th April 2020 and to consider the resumption of talks in July 2020…

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Temporary Stage 4 Procedural Arrangements

Due to the restrictions brought about by HMG regulations on travel, work and social distancing, it has not been possible to hold Stage 4 panels as usual. The Executive Committee at its meeting on 13th May 2020 considered the issues and since then a temporary solution has been agreed…

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