Category 2 Sites

The repair and maintenance of existing petrochemical plant, and to a lesser degree power generation plant, is an important ongoing operation that employs a significant proportion of the manpower currently involved in Engineering Construction.

Where agreed by the NJC and the local parties, the repair and maintenance activities of a site can be operated under the auspices of the NAECI under Category Two designation. There are currently eleven Category Two long term repair and maintenance sites, all with NJC approved Supplementary Agreements which provide for additional industrial relations support to help maintain stability and continuity.

The following contractors are engaged on work covered by NJC approved Supplementary Agreements on current Category 2 Repair and Maintenance Sites. This work is automatically NAECI Registered. The Category 2 Sites monthly report is also available to download below. The NJC carefully monitors these sites and publishes monthly data including manpower and any current IR issues.

Ineos FPS, Grangemouth

INEOS FPS, Grangemouth

Site: FPS, Grangemouth · Client: INEOS
Location: Grangemouth · SPA Approval: 1996, Revised March 2007

Contractors: Balfour Beatty · Bilfinger IS UK Ltd · Doosan Babcock Ltd

BP, Hull

INEOS Acetyls, Hull

Site: INEOS Acetyls Saltend, Hull · Client: INEOS
Location: Hull · SPA Approval: 1998, Revised June 2013

Contractors: Altrad · Bilfinger IS UK Ltd

Exxon Mobil Chemicals Ltd

Exxon Mobil, Fawley

Site: Exxon Mobil, Fawley · Client: Exxon Mobil Chemicals Ltd
Location: Fawley · SPA Approval: 1995, Revised September 2016

Contractors: Altrad Services Ltd · Bilfinger IS UK Ltd · Doosan Babcock Ltd · Rhyal Engineering Ltd · SSE Contracting · Trant Engineering Ltd ·

Exxon Mobil, Mossmorran

Exxon Mobil, Mossmorran

Site: Fife Ethylene Plant · Client: Exxon Mobil Chemicals Ltd
Location: Mossmorran · SPA Approval: 06.09.06

Contractors: Altrad · Balfour Beatty · Bilfinger · Doosan Babcock Ltd ·

Petroineos, Grangemouth

Petroineos, Grangemouth

Site: Petroineos, Grangemouth · Client: INEOS
Location: Grangemouth · SPA Approval: 2006, Revised September 2014

Contractors: Actavo UK Ltd · Balfour Beatty EC · Cape Plc · Doosan Babcock Ltd · Team Valve

INEOS Chemicals & Infrastructure, Grangemouth

INEOS Chemicals & Infrastructure, Grangemouth

Site: Chemicals & Infrastructure, Grangemouth · Client: INEOS
Location: Grangemouth · SPA Approval: 2006, Revised August 2014

Contractors: Altrad · Balfour Beatty · Bilfinger UK Ltd · Doosan Babcock Ltd

Valero, Pembroke

Valero, Pembroke

Site: Pembroke Refinery · Client: Valero
Location: Pembroke · SPA Approval: 06.09.06

Contractors: Ainscough Cranes Ltd · Altrad Cape · Altrad Hertel · Ennerveo · Jenkins & Davies Eng · Ledwoods Engineering ·

Essar, Stanlow

Essar, Stanlow

Site: Essar, Stanlow · Client: Essar
Location: Stanlow · SPA Approval: 18.11.03

Contractors: Bilfinger IS UK Ltd · Doosan Babcock Ltd · Fluor · Hutchinsons · Sarens · Wood

Basell Polyolefins, Carrington

LyondellBasell, Carrington

Site: Carrington · Client: LyondellBasell
Location: Carrington · SPA Approval: 15.11.04

Contractors: Altrad

Sellafield Ltd

Sellafield Ltd

Site: Sellafield · Client: Sellafield Ltd
Location: Sellafield · SPA Approval: 10.05.06

Contractors:   Altrad Services UK · AVRS Systems Ltd · Balfour Beatty Kilpatrick · Doosan Babcock Ltd · Employment Solutions Steel · Enigma Industrial Services · F B Taylor Ltd · Hargreaves Ductwork Ltd · Hard Rock Scaffolding · Hold Engineering · Jacobs Clean Energy Ltd · Jacobs Field Services · Kaefer C&D Ltd · Lifttech Engineering · Meldrum · Mitie FM Ltd · Mitie Ltd · Morgan Sindall plc · NRL · Nuvia Ltd · PC Richardson & Co Ltd · PPS Electrical Ltd · Shepley ·

Ineos ChlorVinyls

INOVYN ChlorVinyls

Site: INOVYN ChlorVinyls Runcorn · Client: INOVYN ChlorVinyls
Location: Runcorn · SPA Approval: 1997, Revised 10.03.06

Contractors: Altrad NSG · Engenda Group Ltd

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