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No. Unfortunately, the National Joint Council for the Engineering Construction Industry (NJCECI) is not, and has never been, a training body or keeper of training records. Employer based apprenticeships indentures would only have been kept by the issuing employer and the apprentice concerned. For CSCS purposes, if the apprenticeship in question was an approved apprenticeship then you should contact the appropriate lead body given on the CSCS website – National Joint Council for the Building Industry (NJCBI) or Building and Allied Trades Joint Industrial Council (BATJIC).

If the apprenticeship was under the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) approved apprenticeship framework, the papers may be available from the ECITB but only going back to 1991. There is a possibility that the ECITB may also hold records of EITB vocational qualification records prior to 1991 (Contact Linda Wilson or Matthew Day on 01923 260000). Failing the above, the CITB or SEMTA may be able to help you further.

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Yes. The NJC Office has catalogued previously asked questions regarding making NAECI payments.

NJC Guide to making NAECI Payments - Dec 2023

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Click here to refer to the NJC guidance on measurement of radius allowance.

Yes. Click here for details of current Category 1 projects and here for Category 2 Sites.

The NJC offers a free, one day NAECI Awareness Course which is held regularly each Autumn and upon request subject to suitable demand. The course gives an overview of the engineering construction industry, the NJC, the employers, trade unions and other organisations involved and the National Agreement itself. The course is aimed at managers and full time officials new to the industry and/or the National Agreement.

A separate NAECI based 2 day Shop Steward and Supervisory Management Course is also available. This popular course is facilitated by the ECITB and is usually arranged on a project/site basis by the local stakeholders. This course promotes communication and relationship building as well as improvement of NAECI awareness generally.

Yes – the Guide to the National Agreement is available in hard copy form (call the NJC office for details) and as a free PDF download here.

Guide to the NAECI

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