Category 1 Projects

The following are our current Category 1 Major and Basic Projects and the in-scope contractors engaged on them.  This work is automatically NAECI Registered. The Category 1 projects monthly report & relevant SPAs are also available to download further down the page.

ReNew ELP Hydrothermal Upgrading Facility

Project: ReNew ELP Hydrothermal Upgrading Facility · Client: ReNew ELP
Location: Wilton, Teesside · SPA Approval: 23.02.22

Contractors: Wood

Vynova Project Summer, Runcorn

Project: Vynova Project Summer, Runcorn · Client: Vynova Runcorn Ltd
Location: Runcorn · SPA Approval: 26.03.21


SABIC Teesside Improvement Project

Project: Teesside Improvement Project, Olefins 6 ·
Client: SABIC · Location: Wilton, Teesside · SPA Approval: 20.12.21

Contractors: Kaefer

Category 1 Projects Monthly Reports

NAECI Registered Manpower June 2022

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Current Category 1 Projects Timeline July 2022

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Category 1 Major Projects Monthly Report June 2022

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    Supplementary Project Agreements

    ReNew Hydrothermal Upgrading Facility SPA 23.2.22

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    SABIC TIP SPA 20.12.21

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    Vynova Project Summer, Runcorn SPA 26.3.21

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      Completed Category 1 Projects

      Completed Category 1 Projects Since 1981

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        Category 1 Projects Map

        NAECI Category 1 Projects Map August 2022

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