NAECI Procedure: Current Stage 4 Forms

Where a Stage 4 Finding is sought, it is essential that the NAECI timescales and documentary requirements for the preceding Stages have been achieved and that this is demonstrated within a fully completed Stage 4 application form and supporting paperwork.  Where this is not the case, the NJC Staff dealing with Stage 4 applications will disallow any which are not strictly in line with the Agreement.

Where advice on the process of making an application or in responding to one is required, the NJC Office is always ready to give advice on the use of the NAECI Procedures and the correct completion of forms and paperwork for access to Stage 4.

The Application Forms to Stage 4 for both Dispute Adjudication and Dismissal Arbitration have recently been updated and must be used for all future applications.  These contain appropriate completion notes and are available to download below:

Stage 4 Application Form - NJC Dispute Adjudication Panel v1.6

101.45 KB

Stage 4 Application Form - NJC Dismissal Arbitration Panel v1.6

97.45 KB