NAECI 2024 – 2025 Settlement

The NECC has now confirmed that the Employers’ offer of 9th January 2024, to cover the period 2024 – 2025, has been endorsed by the Trades Unions’ membership.  NJC Communique 02(24) details the NAECI 2024 – 2025 Agreement in full:

NJC Communique 02(24) - NAECI 2024 - 2025 Settlement, Rates and Allowances

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Note: HMRC has confirmed that the existing taxation treatment arrangements can continue for the 2024 NAECI Radius and Accommodation Allowances, as referred to in NJC Communique 02(24) Attachment 1b.  This applies only to NAECI Categorised projects, sites and events, as well as other work that has been registered with the NJC.