Measurement of Radius Allowance

NAECI 9.1(d) refers to the measurement between home and site for radius allowance purposes and stipulates the fastest route option on the RAC Routeplanner.

The RAC Routeplanner web page interface and data provider were subtly amended during the summer of 2013 and NJC Communiques 02(13) and 03(13) were consequently issued to make the position clear to all NAECI stakeholders.

To help with the current RAC Routeplanner interface and with a view to consistent use, the following guidance is offered for measurement purposes:

  • When the RAC Routeplanner is launched, select “Advanced options” before proceeding with the route details
  • From the “Advanced options” items, scroll down to “UK traffic information”
  • Ensure that the options in the “UK traffic information” section are un-ticked
  • Scroll back up to “Plan your journey”
  • Input the home post code into the “A – from” box
  • Input the given site/project post code into the “B – to” box
  • Complete the route by clicking “Get Route”
  • From the route options offered choose the fastest
  • In the event that the RAC Routeplanner provides more than one route of the same fastest time, the shortest of these routes should be used for measurement purposes.

Please note that this information is for guidance only and, in accordance with NJC Communique 03(13), it is the employer’s responsibility to ensure that its employees are paid the correct radius payment within the system agreed by the NJC and approved by HMRC.