Latest News Archive 2013

//Latest News Archive 2013

December 2013

NAECI 2014 Rates & Allowances

As detailed in the NAECI 2013-2015, new NAECI rates and allowances apply from Monday, 6th January 2014.

Click here for NJC Communique 13(12) which gives full details of the 2014 rates and allowances.

HMRC has confirmed that the existing taxation treatment arrangements can continue for the NAECI 2014 accommodation and radius allowances.


November 2013

Lost Apprenticeship Indenture Papers

The NJCECI is not a training organisation or keeper of training records.  If you are looking for lost apprenticeship indenture papers please click here for further advice.

NAECI ECI Forum Meeting Notes 2(13) 6.11.13

The NAECI ECI Forum met for its second meeting on 6 November 2013.   The meeting notes can be viewed here.

Tax Relief on Business Mileage

You may be able to get tax relief for business mileage if you use your own vehicle for work.

Click here for further information from HMRC on eligible criteria and click here for further information on how to apply.

Measurement of Radius Allowance

NAECI 9.1(d) refers to the measurement between home and site for radius allowance purposes and stipulates the fastest route […]

October 2013

NJC Communique 3(13) Radius Payments

The NJC has issued Communique 3(13) which emphasises the employers’ responsibility to ensure that their employees are paid the correct radius payments within the system agreed by the NJC and approved by HMRC.   This and other NJC Communiques issued in 2013 to date are listed below.

Communiques 2013

August 2013

Autumn 2013 NAECI Awareness Course for Employers

A number of successful One Day NJC NAECI Awareness Workshops have been run in recent years and a further one has now been scheduled for autumn 2013 following recent requests from employers.  In addition to the usual Workshop coverage, key elements of the NAECI 2013 will be highlighted.

Subject to suitable numbers registering, the free of charge NAECI Awareness Workshop will be held […]

July 2013

NJC Communique 2(13) Measurement of Radius Allowance – Requirement for Re-measure on 2nd September 2013

The NJC has issued Communique 2(13) which details a requirement for a re-measurement of radius allowance and any subsequent payment changes to be implemented on 2nd September 2013.  This and other NJC Communiques issued in 2013 to date are listed below.

Communiques 2013

NJC Guidance Note (13)01 – Site Transport to and from the Car Park and Welfare Village

As part of the 2013 – 2015 NAECI Settlement (see NJC Communique 13(12)), the parties undertook to agree and issue a Guidance Note on Site Transport to and from the Car Park and Welfare Village.

This Guidance Note has now been agreed and is available to download here(NJC Guidance Note – Site Transport to and from the Carpark and Welfare Village […]

Ferrybridge Multifuel Project

The first Ferrybridge Multifuel Project PJC Meeting took place on 16 July 2013.  A copy of the signed Supplementary Project Agreement can be accessed from the list shown below.

Supplementary Project Agreements

June 2013

The Pembroke CCGT Project Safety Award Presentation 14 June 2013


Following the successful application by the Pembroke CCGT Project, the NJC Award for Safety in Engineering Construction was awarded to RWE and Alstom at a presentation that took place on 14th June 2013 at Alstom’s London Headquarters.  The award was presented by Jock Simpson of the NJC and received on behalf of the Project and PJC by Steve Burgin of Alstom and […]

April 2013

NAECI 2013 – 2015 PDF Download

The NAECI has been in existence for more than 30 years and was most recently reviewed in the second half of 2012.   A three year deal was successfully concluded, and NJC Communiques 13(12), 14(12) and […]

February 2013

Pembroke CCGT Close Out Report October 2012

The Pembroke CCGT Close Out Report is now available for download here, or the ‘Completed Projects’ download section. […]

January 2013

NAECI ECI Forum Meeting 28 January 2013

The NAECI ECI Forum met for its inaugural meeting on 28th January. This, and other documents can be viewed here. […]

NJC Communique 01(13) NAECI Contractual Severance Pay from 1 February 2013

The NJC has issued NJC Communique 1(13) which details the NAECI Contractual Severance pay rates from 1st February 2013. This, and other 2013 communiques can be viewed here. […]