NAECI Review 2021 – Employers’ Correspondence 30.6.20

Correspondence from the Employers to the NECC Secretary regarding the NAECI Review 2021 was issued yesterday and is available to be downloaded below.

In light of the COVID-19 restrictions the parties agreed in March to suspend the 2021 Review meeting scheduled for 8th April 2020 and to consider the resumption of talks in July 2020.

The Employers’ 30.6.20 correspondence and the next steps in the 2021 Review process will both be considered at the NJC Executive Committee on the 8th July 2020.

NAECI 2021 Review

NAECI Review 2021 - Employers' Correspondence 30.6.20

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NAECI Review 2021 - Employers' Response to NECC Claim - 2.3.20

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NECC NAECI Pay Claim 2021 and Beyond

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