NAECI Review 2021 – Employers’ Response 2.3.20

The second NAECI Review meeting was held on 4th March 2020.  The employers outlined their written response of 2nd March 2020 to the NECC pay claim and the trades unions gave an initial verbal response.

Further discussions will continue at the next NAECI Review meeting scheduled for the 8th April 2020 before which the trades unions will respond in writing to the employers’ correspondence.

Both the NECC’s claim and the employers’ response correspondence are available below:

NAECI 2021 Review

NAECI Review 2021 – Employers’ Correspondence 25.9.20

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NJC Communique 05(20) - NAECI Review 2021

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NAECI Review 2021 - Employers' Correspondence 30.6.20

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NAECI Review 2021 - Employers' Response to NECC Claim - 2.3.20

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NECC NAECI Pay Claim 2021 and Beyond

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