Coronavirus and NAECI

Recent weeks have seen a growing number of confirmed cases of coronavirus, known as COVID-19, and this developing outbreak in the UK is very likely to affect the workforce and businesses across the engineering construction industry at some point.  The NAECI as with many other collective agreements was never developed and agreed to deal with such extreme situations. HMG has announced that the UK is now in the delay phase and there is now a great deal of information available to the public.

As far as those employed under NAECI, the weekly sickness provisions of the NAECI continue to apply as does the guaranteed week.  There are no other arrangements within NAECI which give rights to employees or assistance to contractors other than sickness provisions and the guaranteed week.

If circumstances arise whereby contractors and or clients on sites decide to close down temporarily then those circumstances should be communicated locally. The NJC has no locus in this event other than to deal with any procedural references bought about by any alleged breaches of NAECI.

Should this change and there is further information then this will be communicated forthwith.