The next meeting of the NJC SH+EC is due to be held on 27th March 2012.  Chairman, Richard Ash said “Members will be receiving the recorded statistics for 2011 and will consider them in detail.

They will show that NAECI sites’ Statistics for 2011 continue to indicate that the engineering construction sector experiences substantially lower injuries than the construction industry as a whole. On these sites there are 297 reportable injuries per 100,000 employees, which compares with HSE’s latest figure for all construction of 530 per 100,000. The difference is substantial and continues a sustained trend over many years. Nonetheless we should not be complacent.

The 2011 injury rate was slightly higher than the previous year’s and this signals why the need for continuing attention to detail (by both employees and employers) remains a universal one, irrespective of standards achieved at any one time.

Full details will be published following the next SH+EC meeting.”